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Forearmsupport NomusNavigator™




Technical features:

 Made of mixed PU foam for optimal support and cleanliness.

 Steelbase for excellent sturdiness.

 EU certified and approved wooden material in the core.

 As standard shipped with two
z-shaped brackets and optional is extra long z-shaped brackets available. See line drawings.

 Thickness of the Forearmsupport Universal is superslim
only 20 mm.
For more measurements see line drawing.


The Forearmsupport Universal is designed and manufactured with the user in mind. The unique asymmetric shape
creates a centralized working position in front of the keyboard and still maintains a very relaxed position.
Due to the shape and material of choice the product is relieving for neck, shoulders, back and forearms and minimizes
 the risks for Carpal Tunnel Symdrome and RSI.

The support is of mixed materials to optimize the soft and yet sturdy support. The core of the product is made of
EU certified and approved wooden material and extra supported with a steelplate to make sure the sturdiness of the
product in whole is maintained.

In order to have the possibilities to clean the product and even disinfect the product while in use, the top cover
 material is made in skai. This material also creates the possibility to “slide” from left to right when typing or
performing other tasks in front of the keyboard.

Because of a very slim and unique construction of the waist line on the Forearmsupport Universal it promotes and
encourages a working position very close to the keyboard thus preventing reaching and
stretching the forearms.

As standard the Forearmsupport Universal comes with a set of two z-shaped brackets to fit most of the desks on
the market. As extra accessories you can also choose deeper and longer reach z-brackets for framed desks.